Wendy and Patrick's Wedding

Full-Size Images

Below are links to full-sized digital photographs from our wedding, in case you'd like to download images for an album or for printing.  The photos here are displayed in the same sequence as on our main wedding page.

The files here are substantially larger than those on the main page; many are larger than 5 MB.  Hence, they are not optimized for viewing on the web, and they will take a long time to download if you are using a slow connection.  If that's not what you're looking for, head back.

Commercial use of the photographs on this web site without our prior written permission (and the prior written permission of other copyright holders) is prohibited.

Hint for viewing photographs:  For most web browsers, the "F11" key toggles a full-screen view that makes viewing large images more convenient.


Preparations   The Ceremony   Formals
Berkeley Campus   Reception, part 1   Reception, part 2
Reception, part 3   Wedding Brunch
(July 3)
  Our Engagement
(April 2005)