November 2007.  Meeting with Sarah and Staunton at night.   November 2007.  Panoramic shots of Staunton.
May 2007.  A reenactment of the Battle of McDowell.   May 2007.  Photos for Charlesie Peterson's family.
November 2006.  Another Veterans' Day parade and a trip to Highland County.   April 2006.  Highland County on a rainy day, and lunch with Sarah and her daughter, Gretchen.
October 2005.  Williamsville & the Gorge, and lunch with Sarah.   April 2005.  A walking tour of Staunton.
March 2004.  A hike on Shenandoah Mountain and a visit to Luray Caverns.   October 2003.  Highland County and McDowell (I think we visited the millhouse in McDowell, but took no pictures there).
June 2003.  Flowers in Blue Grass and the Pauly Mill Road (a.k.a. "The Road to Nowhere").   May 2003.  Views of Staunton from Sears Hill and the Purple Cow.
November 2002.  The Staunton Veterans' day parade, a tour of Highland County, our last visit to Ingleside, and autumn scenery.   Some Really Old Stuff.