Wendy and Patrick's Wedding

Sunday, July 2, 2006

St. John's Presbyterian Church, Berkeley, California

Thanks again to everyone who joined us in celebrating our marriage in Berkeley in July.  We are very grateful that you took the time -- and in many cases, traveled so far -- to be with us.

Most of the images displayed here were taken by our wedding photographer, Matt Kim.  Matt has also posted highlights from his photographs of our wedding on his website.

Other photographers who contributed to this collection are Manna Chan, Winston Leong, Robert McCabe, Bill Siegl, Joe Spampinato, and Sandy Wong.  Thank you!

We are hoping to collect more photographs and fill in more captions.  Please let us know if you have images that you would like to contribute to this site, or suggestions or corrections to the captions for the pictures.


The images linked from this page are compressed versions of the originals.  We've posted full-size versions here.  Note that the larger versions are typically 2 to 5 MB files, which are useful for printing, but not suitable for viewing on the web.

Hint for viewing photographs:  For most web browsers, the "F11" key toggles a full-screen view that makes viewing large images more convenient.

Preparations   The Ceremony   Formals
Berkeley Campus   Reception, part 1   Reception, part 2
Reception, part 3   Wedding Brunch
(July 3)
  Our Engagement
(April 2005)